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Annika Heidel and Nala

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My Passion for Pets

Welcome to AH Pet Photography. My name is Annika, I’m a photographer, creative soul and believer of being true to myself and others in everything I do. Along the twists and turns of life, pets have grounded me with their unbridled affection and loyal companionship. From my first pet, 2 miniature hamsters, to my own horse and now my beautiful dog, Nala, I have always been an animal lover. It is here that I immersed myself in a passion for pet portraiture and AH Pet Photography was born.

After many years as a hobby photographer, I have finally decided to follow my dream and become a professional photographer. I am very excited to be offering pet photography services to you now. I’m looking forward to working with pets at every level of training and every personality type under the sun. I’ve learned many tips along the way to help capture their unique character and make it a fun experience for all of us. Sessions are about capturing personality, heart and soul. For more information about me and my photography, contact us today!

I am looking forward to meeting you and your family/pets.

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