Colour Powder Photoshoot FAQs

What colour do you use?

We use a type of ‘Holi Colour Powder that is non-toxic, biodegradable,
environmentally friendly and safe to use. On top of that, we make sure to avoid your dog’s eyes and nose and a lot of the colour is edited-in after the shoot.
We chose this type of powder because we care about your and your pet’s safety and comfort and we feel that this powder meets those criteria.

Is the colour safe?

Short answer: Yes, it is.
Long answer: We made sure to do our research before we started offering colour shoots.
We gathered lots of information, discussed with vets and fellow photographers and reviewed the safety data sheet from our supplier.
Based on that yes, I feel that my colour powder sessions are safe for pets, humans, and the environment.
Nevertheless, everyone must decide what is best for themselves and their animals. If you do opt to do a session with me, the results are guaranteed to be stunning and the process of taking them super fun.
We can cater our session to meet your needs, I’m more than happy to discuss details and possible alternatives with you well in advance of your coloured powder session.

How do you clean up the mess?

Yes, you are right – it can get messy! So, be sure to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty 😉
You can also bring a brush and/or towel with you, to remove the majority of the colour immediately after the session.
Most colour does come off by brushing, with a towel-dry, or when rinsed off. Only occasionally (especially in lighter coloured animals) some colour may linger around for some time after.
If you are worried about staining, please let us know and we can figure out a plan. We might be able to edit the colour in after the shoot.

Where do you do the colour shoots?

Most our colour sessions are done at our studio in Albany Creek because the outcomes have proven to be most reliable and predictable.
We can arrange for a colour shoot at a location though. Please contact us to discuss options if that would be more suitable to you.

Why do your charge extra fore colour shoots?

We charge $25 extra for colour shoots, compared to our normal session prices. That’s to cover for the powder and allows us to use as much colour as you like during the shoot. It means we can use different colour combos and fresh up the ground as often as needed.

I want to do this with my dog but we are in a different state or different country. What colour do you recommend?

From my understanding, there are plenty of colour powder options available worldwide. I am confident you would find a suitable option.
HOWEVER – Not all powder is made of these same, nontoxic ingredients. Please be careful should you ever source your own for your own personal projects. Please do your research.

If you do wish to have a colour photo done by us but are too far away to have it done in person, we may be able to use one of you photos of your animal and turn it into a colour shoot photo through the magic of photoshop. Please reach out if this is something you are interested in 🙂 

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