Lightroom Presets

Presets "your way" - from $45

Not your typical preset package - instead of offering a set of Lightroom presets that all cover a particular mood, style or colour range, we want to offer you to create presets for you that look exactly like YOU want them to look.

How it works: You send us 5-10 of your pictures, tell us what you are envisioning in terms of lighting, colours, other features, etc. and we create your preset. Option of creating more than one preset, e.g. for different dogs or a different style of pictures. Includes up to 2 modifications after you review your presets. We want to make sure you love them!

A great way to bring your instagram page to the next level!


Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of our presets is to work for most of your pictures, definitely the pictures with a similar style (e.g. all beach photos or all sunset photos).
You may find that some images need some extra adjustments done even after you’ve applied the preset. That may, for example, be because the lighting or colours you captured are very different to your sample images. 
Each preset will nevertheless ease the editing process immensely and make sure your images all look coherent.

Photos taken on a phone are completely fine. Presets are a way of making any picture look more professional, no matter if they’ve been taken on a camera or with your phone. 

Once we have discussed what you are looking for in your presets and agreed on all the details, we will send you a link to your personal google drive folder where you can upload your sample images. Nice and easy.

We absolutely can. We are happy to design multiple different styled presets for you so you have more variety to choose from.
Ask us for a discount if you want multiple presets! 

Absolutely! We would be more than happy to design a preset for your other type images – family photos, product shots, home decor, etc.
Simply send us an email utilise our enquiry form and we will get back to you.

There is no need for a Lightroom subscription to be able to use our presets. Even the free version of Lightroom Mobile will give you access to edit your images with our presets. This will work on both Apple and Android phones. 

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